02 May 2018

The following five innovations have all significantly shaped the current era of business intelligence (BI).  

05 April 2018
  Global business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform Yellowfin is following up strong global growth in 2017 with continuing expansion of its South African customer base and regional footprint. ...
28 March 2018
These trends are being driven by several factors including the huge investments that have been made in AI, governance issues that have been associated with desktop analytic products, the increasing push toward enterprise products and the growing dema...
19 March 2018
 I've spent the past 20 years working in analytics. Over that time, the industry has come a long way, in both impact and awareness. Whilst for many years my family and friends described my job as "IT", today they know and understand what I do fo...
23 February 2018
There are many signs that your BI team isn't performing. Perhaps your peers are constantly complaining about analytics or you don't have the numbers you need to make decisions. Or your BI team may only be reacting to requests rather than deliver...
21 February 2018
When you're designing a BI application to embed into your product, it's important to design it for the many different people that will be using it....
15 February 2018
What great terms – "Dirty" and "Ugly" data. The descriptions are damning, suggesting something that should never be seen, let alone experienced....
29 January 2018
Advanced tooltips allow you to drill-down, filter data, and perform analysis quickly and with ease.
16 January 2018

What if you could understand why your metrics have changed without putting in hours of extra work digging deeper into your analytics? 

23 November 2017
Smoke Customer Intelligence, the leading provider of customer experience management software, has partnered with AIGS and Yellowfin BI to overlay its customer feedback surveys with hard customer intelligence (CI), taking customer experience to...
17 October 2017

It’s a familiar scene: The monthly sales management meeting began well enough, only to descend into claims and counter-claims about whose “data is better” – sales or finance?

07 August 2017

View and share multiple third-party application data with Yellowfin connectors and pre-built content, allowing you to combine data from different focus areas, applications and data sources like social media, across the entire business.

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