View and share multiple third-party application data with Yellowfin connectors and pre-built content, allowing you to combine data from different focus areas, applications and data sources like social media, across the entire business.

Why visualise data? Well, there’s just so much of it – on top of which not everyone is a data scientist. Sometimes, people need you to draw them a picture.

But that’s just the beginning. To tell a coherent story that is easy to absorb and convincing, your visualisation must also match the data set and your objectives. It should be optimised (to promote information absorption) and it should be astutely shared (to prompt action).

In recent months we have identified three distinct training areas that our industry would benefit from, namely:

  1. Training for individuals with limited or no Progress exposure;
  2. Further training for the seasoned developers regarding all the new offerings on the latest version of OpenEdge; and
  3. Database Administration training.

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OpenEdge Certified Training Has Arrived!

AIGS is thrilled to to announce that we are now offering an ABL Core Bootcamp for experienced Progress programmers, which covers the OpenEdge Reference Architecture Development Suite.