Quickly build web and mobile applications

Most organisations today have a myriad of enterprise applications that they rely on to run their business.

Survey finds businesses have under two years to make digital inroads

More than 700 decision makers surveyed on the current state of digital business-results indicate significant digital denial.

New digital transformation solutions to combat digital denial

Progress DigitalFactory addresses critical customer-centric digital transformation concerns by breaking down silos between IT, development, marketing and deployment.

Progress grows in financial services

Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK), a leading provider of access to financial solutions for the Swedish export industry, has selected the Progress DataDirect solution for seamless ODBC data connectivity. The SEK's shift to the Progress connectivity solution will provide real-time data access while increasing speed and security in client financial information processing.

BI - the sky is the limit

Business intelligence (BI) has never been a hotter topic. Over the last few years, ‘big data’ from multiple new data sources has driven game changing analytic use cases, and innovation has changed the face of BI as we know it.

Progress Drives Digital Marketing Agility with Telerik Sitefinity 9.0

Latest release of award-winning digital experience platform empowers modern marketers-and the development/IT teams that support them-to keep pace with shifting marketplace demands

Simplifying BI saves time and human resources

Business intelligence (BI) technologies are highly sophisticated and extremely complex. Even the most tech-savvy users, and BI evangelists, who know about BI from beginning to end, will admit that even they cannot fully grasp the potential that BI offers. “If these experts cannot be expected to know everything about BI, how can we expect the average user to grasp all the intricacies of complicated BI tools and solutions?” asks Rick Parry, Chairman and CEO of AIGS.

Building BI for the business

Today’s businesses are starting to understand that BI has more than one facet, and each facet of BI plays a crucial role in an organisation’s overall strategy. Moreover, different BI tools and methods need be used in synchronicity to drive efficiency and effectiveness across the entire business.

Building a successful BI strategy

Any BI initiative should have certain goals. These include helping the organisation to achieve its strategic, tactical, and operational goals. BI should also help to boost business performance, by empowering all decision makers, including staff, customers, and third-party parties to be able to play their roles effectively as a result of the BI implementation.

Making A Difference

Since our inception on 2010 the AIGS team have spent a vast amount of time in understanding WHY we are in business.

We believe that the reason WHY we are in business is because we want to 'make a difference'. As a collective we look at every opportunity to see how we can improve both the experience and the outcome.

Meet the team

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Where do we fit in?

The vital importance of IT & people in today’s global economy makes this a key business imperative.

Aligning technology spending with strategic business objectives is becoming increasingly important for business, as are relationships that will allow companies to accelerate their success.


Achieve higher levels of business performance, comprehensive visibility and business process management (BPM) enhancements.


With more than 1,000,000 users globally - Yellowfin is the number one Business Intelligence choice for organizations of all sizes.


We chose YellowFin primarily for it's adaptability and the fact that it is expandable which allows us to use YellowFin across other clients in addition it offers mobile dashboards and reports. YellowFin staff showed great professionalism in the sales and support area and we appreciate their commitment and assistance in showing us how to use all the features of the YellowFin solution to our best advantage.
Lance Kiggell Nucleus
MIP is a longtime partner of Progress. Two things we have always depended on the OpenEdge database to deliver are performance efficiency and bulletproof stability. And the cost of ownership is incredibly low. Progress delivers a fast, rock-solid, and backward compatible solution.
Richard Firth MIP
Progress Corticon's decision logic is incredibly powerful, yet managed by business analysts rather than programmers. This enables real-time flexibility of the deciion rule sets, and put the customer entirely in control.
Patrick O'Reilly MIP
Coming from a marketing background, I must commend your team from Q setting up the appointment, the sales demo by yourself and the detailed Yellowfin demo by Stephen. It was nothing short of pure magic.
Byron Cooke-Tonneson Bluwave

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Yellowfin Roadshow: 22-23 June 2016

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Did you know that BI is moving to the masses?

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Rollbase Roadshow: 19 & 21 July 2016

10-06-2016  Events

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